WW At Work

Bring WW to Work!

Why? Flexibility – Meetings take place during, before or after your working day, you choose when. Convenience – We bring the Wellness Workshop right to your workplace, so even people with the tightest schedule can attend. Daily motivation – Since the majority of your week may be spent at work, attending WW with your co-workers creates a great network for ongoing support and motivation. Potential savings – Many employers often decide to subsidise part or all of the cost as an incentive to help employees lose weight.
Together is better.... You are more likely to successfully develop a healthier lifestyle using WW support and accountability to kick-start and build better habits in one of your regular environments. You'll have a Wellness Coach who is a living breathing WW success story and expert in our Flex programme to facilitate structured Wellness Workshops with a unique mix of education, inspiration, fun, camaraderie, empowerment and motivation.

What does it cost?

€95 per person for an 8 week course.

What does it cost Northern Ireland?

£1,300 for 20 people or less, £65 per person for more than 20 for an 8 week course.

How many do we need?

Minimum for best experience is a group of 15. Make that 20 or more and the co-ordinator gets a free place!

How and when do we pay?

Payment is due in advance and can be collected in-house by the coordinator or made directly by cheque, bank transfer or by debit/credit card for the full amount.

How soon can we start?

As soon as you are ready! You’ll need to: Book a meeting room for the course duration, confirm your group, arrange payment and we’ll book a Wellness Coach for you.

Next step:

Call us on 01-8703900 or email Irene iminto@weightwatchers.ie for further details.

Northern Ireland Contact:

Call us at 028-90426812 or email: deirdremurdock21@hotmail.co.uk