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Jenny Dunphy

Jenny Dunphy


Navan, Co.Meath

Start weight:



9st 4lbs


7st 10lbs*




Linda Barry

I was always heavy. Even as a child, and into my teens, and then when I got to my late teens I became conscious of it. And it came off me. When I got married I was 10 stone. When I came home from my honeymoon, I had some tough years. My mam passed away the morning I came home from my honeymoon. I didn’t cope with the death of my Mam very well, so I think I start comfort eating then and piled on about 3 stone then. Before I knew it I had gone from 10 to 13 stone. Then with my first child, I gave up smoking. So when I gave up smoking and was pregnant I piled on another three stone. I got to my heaviest which was 17 stone after I had my first boy.

I remember how much I hated looking in the mirror. I hated what was looking back because I loved fashion and clothes and I could never get things to fit right because I am so short as well. I am 5 ft 1. And it was so expensive too. Plus sizes are more expensive than normal sizes. I bought stuff to fit more rather than stuff I liked.

It was just after Christmas in 2006. I had had a second child at this stage, and I realised I have to do something about this. It was January 16th. This is how bad I was. I remember waiting until all the chocolates and biscuits were gone – so I could eat them rather than throw them out. So on January 16th, I attended my first Wellness Workshop and it was the best decision I ever made.

I was really nervous about going in, but the nerves didn’t last as everyone was so lovely. And everyone was in the same boat. So supportive. Helping each other out with their little tips. After a few Wellness Workshop, the weight started to come off and I started to feel better. After losing a stone, I decided I would start doing some exercise. And I started to walk, and I am walking every since. And the gym. Toning classes. And weights to tone up as I was losing weight.

I’ve been a WW member ever since. I’d never let go. It is what I need to keep motivated. I really miss it if I miss a Wellness Workshop. I definitely check in once a month. AS soon as I feel those jeans getting tighter, I say, come on now…I’d go back in.

I lost almost 8 stone in 14 months. So I’ve been maintaining it for 12 years now. I am not going back to where I was. I don’t ever want to feel like that again.

I will always need the accountability that WW affords. I will be going in on my zimmerframe.

Apart from that, I absolutely love my studio. I have been attending for 12 years, and still every week I learn something. Not just from the Wellness Coach but fellow members. You think you know it all, but you don’t!

And we have a great laugh. It’s nearly like a social event. I’ve made some great pals over the years.

Before pics: When I was rooting out my ‘before’ pics for the magazine, found them anyway, and I was scared when I saw them. I really was. I couldn’t believe I was that heavy. I said it to my Wellness Coach Linda, I don’t know if I would be alive today if I had not have lost the weight.

It worked for me because I didn’t have to give up anything. If I wanted a slice of cake, I could fit it in there. If I wanted a night out, I could factor it in. It was food with freedom.

Top tips:

  • Don’t be afraid or embarrassed about coming to a Wellness Workshop. Everyone is so friendly. So supportive. Join a class. Not only will you lose weight, but you’ll enjoy yourself.

*Results can vary from person to person. 

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