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Jenna Mahon

Jenna Mahon



Start weight:

16st 1/2lb /102kg


12st/ 76kg


4 stone ½ pound /26kg *




Jenny Dalton

Jenna says

“I was sixteen years old and I had been having trouble at school; people were bullying me because of my weight. As a person, that’s the hardest thing to deal with; it hurts so much. My mam had her Gold Card from Weight Watchers, so I had been doing a few bits with her at home, but then one day shortly after Christmas, she asked me if I’d like to join the class. So I decided to bite the bullet and do it. Things went along really well and I lost slowly and steadily. Then when I was 18, I was only a few pounds off my goal weight and I discovered that I was pregnant.

When my daughter, Carly-Eve, was having her six week check up, I thought about going back, but in a way I kind of felt like being a mother gave me an excuse to be overweight. My mother reminded me that I was still young and that there was no reason for me not to be slim and healthy, so in November 2012, I went back to class. I decided that what I really wanted was to reach my goal weight before my 21st birthday, so that’s what I focused on.

I have to admit, it was harder the second time around. It was difficult at times to watch my friends all going to McDonald’s and things like that; so there were some really tricky weeks. Despite that I stuck with it. I have one picture of myself when I was heavy, and whenever I needed motivation I would look at it, because I never wanted to go back to looking like that.

I had been eating a lot of take-away foods and drinking fizzy drinks, so I had to cut all that down. I never ate breakfast, but now I make sure to have some porridge or a crumpet, or sometimes for a treat I have a low calorie fry up. Dinner might be chicken or chops with lots of veg or salad, and then later on in the evening I have a Weight Watchers yogurt with some sugar free jelly. I still have treats, like an occasional Chinese take-away, and if I have something special to go to, I save up my Points in advance.


Jenna Before

Jenna Now


I had never really exercised much before, but I started taking a regular walk and then built it up into a run, something I never thought I’d be able to do. I alternate running and walking during the week and if I’m short on time I fit in a work-out at home. Exercise is my time to myself and I love it now.

My mother was a massive help to me and although my dad didn’t go to class, he went along with everything too – he managed to lose five stone! I don’t think I could have done it if I didn’t have so much support. The Weight Watchers classes with my leader Jenny are brilliant, they are such a laugh; I love them and never miss them if at all possible. I feel so grateful to Jenny and all my friends and family who stuck by me.

I finally reached my goal weight the day before I turned 21; it was the best present ever! When I was sixteen years old, I was a size 20, but now I’m a 12 so I can go shopping with my friends into any shop I like and know that I will find something. No more Plus Size shops for me, I can dress my own age. I never wore dresses or skirts, but now I can wear anything that all the other young girls wear, including skinny jeans, even my shoe size has gone down!

Weight Watchers has changed my life for the better, I am a new person. I’m still working on building my confidence, and I am so happy with what I’ve achieved. A lot of young people come up to ask me how I did it, which is great, because I love the chance to help people who are like I was. I always tell them that you can’t give up. If you want it, you have to do it for yourself and nobody else – don’t let anyone or anything stop you!”


* Results can vary from person to person


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