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Fiona Ní Churraoin

Fiona Ní Churraoin


Connemara, Galway

Start weight:

14 stone / 88.9kg


9 stone 7lbs / 60.3kg


4 stone 7lbs / 28.6kg


Galway Centre


Hilda McGrath

“Photos were the worst thing. I would need to know a week in advance about a night-out. There was no spur of the moment with me. I needed to know exactly where and when we were going out, so I could get the most covered-up outfit I could find. And not make it look like the last cover-up outfit that I had worn a few weeks prior. It would always be black. If photos were being taken, it would only be from the bust up. I would never take a full-length photo.

In October 2015, I decided I needed to lose weight. I was 16 and a half stone at the time. I was recommended by a doctor to lose weight. I had hit rock bottom in terms of my weight gain. I was still in college up in Dublin (Fiona did a degree in Irish and Law in UCD), but I was commuting to Galway as I only had a few modules. Because I was up and down to Dublin, I was finding it hard to fit in gym session. I was trying and failing from October to Christmas. After Christmas, I didn’t have any college at all, so I could focus more on going to the gym, but I wasn’t eating properly, I was depriving myself, I was eating very very little. I was very unhappy in what I was doing. I was losing the weight but I wasn’t happy. In February, my sister Aisling joined Weightwatchers, I saw the meal plans that she had. She wasn’t depriving herself. She was having what she wanted, but in a healthier way. She was satisfied at the end of the day, whereas I wasn’t.

Before I joined Weight Watchers, I had lost two and a half stone. When I joined Weightwatchers, I was 14 stone exactly. The weight began falling off but I was eating nice things, having my treats, but not feeling guilty about it, because it was part of my Smartpoint allowance. On Tuesday just gone, I got my Silver Seven, so I have lost seven stone now. I am extremely proud. I owe it all to my Coach Hilda. It’s staying for the talks. We can all go and just get weighed in, but staying for the talk and listening to Hilda was key. She motivates you and makes sure you keep going for the following week. Coming closer to goal, it gets a bit more difficult because you’re maybe half a pound off, but if you stay for the talk, you’ll get there. I have been at goal since September – the same week I graduated from college. I have gone down since then, and am I at MY own goal which is 9 and half stone.

I have so much energy. I am quite active. I have signed up to do a half marathon in April. I am doing the Camino in March. I am also doing Tough Mudder, all stuff I would never have been able to do this time last year. It’s a complete lifestyle change.

The Weightwatchers plan is not a diet. It’s plan. And it’s something I am going to follow for the rest of my life.

Sister Power

Aisling and I go shopping together once a week. We plan together.  We live together. It’s easier. So if she is late home from work, I’ll have the dinner ready. We discuss what we’re going to have for lunch the next day. We’re at a stage now where we know every since Smartpoint! We really have motivated each other over the last year. Whenever one of us was feeling a little bit down, or lacking in motivation to maybe go to class, the other would provide the drive needed.

Advice for people currently struggling with their weight?

Join Weightwatchers! It’s daunting at the start, especially if you’re doing it on your own, but just get past that first day. Once you step through that door, you realise everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is there to lose weight, to get a better lifestyle. Nobody is there to judge. Everyone is there to help each other. If you have a week that you’re struggling, someone will be there to give you some tips, so you won’t fall down that slippery slope again. There was one week I was up on the scales. And I had said to Aisling on the way in that if I was up, I was going to leave. In the end, between her and Hilda I stayed for the talk, and it was the best thing I ever did. Upset at the start, left feeling a bit better. The next week I had lost that pound again. Moral of the story? Don’t get disillusioned. There will be blips along the road. It’s not going to be plain sailing. There are going to be weeks where you have a wedding, don’t deprive yourself. You may be up at the weight-in, but you can rectify it the following week.

Favourite recipe

Fakeaway Pizza

I am wheat intolerant, so instead of a normal wrap, I go for the gluten free one. I put passata on it, which has zero points, 25g of Low Low cheese, and then load it with peppers and mushrooms and onion, whatever veg you like, and then half a chicken fillet that’s already been cooked or 3 slices of chorizo, which is 2 SmartPoints. Straight into the oven for 8 mins. It all comes to five or six points and it’s gorgeous.

Fiona Before

Fiona Now

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