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Christine Hollowed

Christine Hollowed



Start weight:

15st 10.5lbs



5 st*



Every Wellness Coach has a story. A reason why they walked in the doors as a member, and a journey that brought them to becoming a Wellness Coach. I joined WW in January 2006 and lost 4 and a half stone in around 18 months. I stopped going to class the day I reached my goal and lived happily ever after….NOT!
Guess what, I put weight back on. Over the next few years I joined and rejoined, losing weight for every holiday and wedding. Thankfully WW don’t put a limit on how many times you can join, I would have run out of chances a long time ago! Eventually, I had my eureka moment and realised that I was tired of losing weight over and over again and it dawned on me that if I stuck with it and kept going to class I could keep the weight off and not have to keep losing it! This led to me reaching my final goal with a total loss of just over 5 stone and unexpectedly becoming a Wellness Coach (best job in the world by the way).
Every Wellness Coach has lost weight following the plan. We all have different stories but we all know it works.
If I could bottle how I feel at goal weight and share it with you I would. You will never regret giving yourself a chance, what are you waiting for!” 

Christine on Flex
Flex came at the perfect time for me as I was struggling to motivate myself to lose weight again after having my baby. I have less time to exercise and cook now so the new zero SmartPoint foods on the Flex plan mean I don’t have to spend as much time tracking and weighing and can grab a quick zero SmartPoint snack while the baby naps!

*Results can vary from person to person. 

Christine Hollowed Before

Christine Hollowed Now

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