Success Stories
Success Stories

Lisa Robinson

Lisa says:

“I had always been a couple of stone overweight, and I had tried all sorts of different things to lose it. At one point I went to a clinic and managed to lose three stone, but it all went back on. Then I put on another three stone when I was pregnant, and after my daughter was born I put on even more.

It was Christmas 2012 when my sister Keira said that she was going to Weight Watchers to lose a few pounds, so I decided I would go with her. Something had clicked in me and I really wanted to lose weight once and for all. Keira stayed with the class for six weeks, long enough to get me going, and then after she left I carried on by myself.

Before I joined, I was eating take-away food nearly every night and a lot of junk, like crisps, chocolate and sugary drinks, so I had to change everything. I had been on a lot of fad diets before but the thing that I like best about Weight Watchers is that it’s not a diet, it’s a healthy eating plan that you can use for the rest of your life.

I switched from eating sugary cereals to porridge, and made sure to eat lots of fruit and vegetables throughout the day. I always loved the occasional latte, so I simply switched from full fat to skimmed milk – little changes like that made all the difference. After I had a couple of stone gone, I joined a gym, and from there I moved on to boot camp. Now I’m doing personal training sessions with Extreme Strength and Fitness in Bray to help me tone up.

Of course there were times when I felt like I was struggling, but my determination and focus kept me going. I just kept visualising myself in those skinny jeans, or in that size 10 dress, and in October 2014, I finally reached my goal weight.

The changes have just been amazing, I feel a lot more confident and happier in myself, and I’m doing things I never would have done before. When I used to go clothes shopping, I would ask my mother to bring things to the till because I was too embarrassed to have the sales person know what size I took. Now I don’t care, I can go into any shop, buy whatever I like and know that it will fit, and when I go away on holidays now, I don’t feel the need to constantly keep myself covered.

My daughter, Sophie, is nearly four now and I find that I’ve a lot more energy to keep up with her and do things with her. Apart from giving birth to her, I think that Weight Watchers is the best thing that I ever could have done for myself – it’s all been so worth it; I feel brilliant!”

Lisa’s tips for success

  • Stay focused on your goal, visualise that end result. Take it slow and steady; if you can lose a pound a week, you’re doing great.
  • Plan ahead, so you know what you’re eating in advance. When you go into the supermarket, have a list and stick to it, then get in and get out – don’t take any detours down the sweet aisle!
  • If you have kids, then don’t allow yourself to pick at their food.
  • Do make sure to allow yourself a treat every day, that way you won’t feel deprived.
  • Drink plenty of water, I fill up a one litre bottle twice a day and make sure to get through it all. If you don’t like water, add some fruit to it.

*Results can vary from person to person.

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