Become A Wellness Coach
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One of the best ways to celebrate your own success is to help others to succeed

Every Wellness Coach in WW was a member first, just like you.
If you have reached your weight loss goal and maintained it, why not become a Wellness Coach and inspire others on their weight loss journey?
WW is a community that brings wellness to the world and as a Wellness Coach, you will help people to live at a healthy weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle, by providing our members with an informative, engaging, enjoyable, supportive and inspiring Wellness Workshops. Outside of the studio, you will also undertake some administrative tasks like stock management and banking.
As a Wellness Coach, you will receive ongoing training including presentation skills and support in your own weight maintenance.
As all of our Wellness Coaches will testify, it is an uniquely rewarding job as you help people change their lives and that of their families.
(Note: To be eligible you must be a Gold Member and within 5 pounds of your goal weight.)


To find out more contact one of our training team:
Deirdre 086-8120329
Catherine 087-6854482

“I am so excited to inspire other people along their unique wellness journeys. I want to offer others the support and motivation I found so helpful. I can’t think of a better job than to help people build healthy habits for life.”


Siobhan Day, Wellness Coach, lost 3st 10lbs.